Monday, July 28, 2014

PTO Mission

  Our central mission is learning, growing, community

Arms of the PTO to support the mission: Communication • Outreach • Fundraising • Volunteerism • Capital Improvements • Enrichment

July 24, 2014 Meeting Notes

Communications Committee Update

   Along with this Web site and our FaceBook page, we will be distributing a newsletter with stories and updates about the PTO, the schools and events. We want to help keep parents feel informed and connected to their schools.

Outreach Committee Update 

   Kindergarten Play Dates are back! After talking with administration, we decided to have 3 informal play dates at each elementary school’s playground. Three Thursdays: August 14, 21, and 28 from 4-6 pm. Teachers and principals may attend the last one. This is a opportunity for parents to ask questions about the school and to connect with one another and PTO volunteers.
    A goal of the Outreach Committee will be to maintain some of the community events that happened in the past, such as ice cream social, board game nights, etc. And to help connect families with the school.

Bylaws Revision Committee
   We are reviewing and rewriting the existing PTO bylaws, the last review was in 2002. We are making changes to better reflect the current PTO's mission, here are a few highlights of the changes we have made so far. We have removed the $1 annual dues requirement for PTO members, made meeting times more flexible, opened membership up to include extended families and school affiliates, renamed committees to better reflect our goal and updated our mission as stated above. Also, we will stagger the terms of the executive board to avoid a complete turn over of officers in one year. 

   We will be voting next month on a few issues including changing the limits of the organization to include all public schools. This could open opportunities for us to work with existing fundraising groups in the middle school and the high school.
   We have a few more bylaws to review including finance and revenue. This committee would really like help with the finance and revenue bylaws if you have a background that involves working with 5013C organizations please get in touch with us!

   Switchover was unique this year since the PTO was in the process of dissolving before the new board/group steeped up to carry on the work of the PTO. The old bank account was closed and the balance was distributed to the schools. The Schools are giving some money back to the PTO bank account exact details still to be worked out. As of this meeting we do not have the past financial records, with numbers from the various fundraising efforts and budgets for events.

Fundraising Committee
  Executive Board met with Stephanie Flaherty, Maple parent and professional fundraiser. The conclusion of meeting was that there have been successful fundraisers at the schools in past, but there were many and they were sometimes confusing. A meeting will be scheduled with the elementary principals and fundraising committee members. This will help principals determine if they want to do separate fundraising for their school or if they can count on the PTO to fundraise for school needs (such as field trips and in-school enrichment).

Committee came up with several Fundraising ideas: 

  • Product sale in fall (holiday gift giving) ideas: Children's art work on tote bags, stationery, etc, keeping it local if possible
  • Annual Campaign: for people who don’t want to buy anything but would like to financially support the schools
  • Harvest Fest in fall (may or may not have a fundraising component this year)
  • Pajama Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
  • Silent Auction in spring with grown-up event?
  • Box tops (one coordinator at each school)
  • Florence Savings Bank annual balloting community giving
  • eScripts
  • Valley Gives Day
  • GRANTS (if anyone hears about specific grants, please let this committee know) 5K race (funding specifically for technology)
  • Snow Time Bazaar

    A long term goal of the PTO is to hire a Volunteer Coordinator to serve the schools, this is a position that used to exist in the city and has been missed. We are working with members of the school committee to explore grants and other fundraising opportunities specifically to support this position. With a goal of raising $24,000 for this position some concern was voiced that this is too big of an undertaking for the PTO and too many funds would be directed toward this position.**Update It has been decided that fundraising for a possible Volunteer Coordinator would be separate from any other PTO fundraising, funding will be pursued primarily through grants.**

Action Plans and Next Steps
We are actively looking for members to join the all Committees!
Agenda for end of August: Bylaws review and voting on a few specific changes
Agenda for September: voting on bylaws as a whole.

August meeting date To Be Determined.

Executive Board 

Marie Brown: Co-Chair, Rachel Achmad: Co-Chair, Gina Wyman: Secretary, Tenaya Read: Treasurer

Communications Committee

 Lei Fay, Tina Tudryn, Gina Wyman, Rachel Achmad

Outreach Committee

Rebecca Belcher-Timme, Mary Barr, Missi Richardson, Gina Wyman

Fundraising Committee

Marie Brown, Rachel Achmad, Gina Wyman, Tenaya Read, Patti Slate

Bylaw Revision Committee

Megan Frazier, Patti Slate, Jennifer Champagne, Laura Scott

Sunday, July 20, 2014


The newly elected board of the Easthampton PTO has been hard at work. We are eager to get a head start on plans for this school year. We invite you to join us for our next meeting where we will share our current plans and open up the discussion to Easthampton parents, guardians, teachers, and any interested Easthampton Public School affiliates.

When: Thursday July 24th from 6-7pm
Where: Easthampton High School Cafe Commons
**Childcare will be provided. Your children can play in the gymnasium next door to our meeting with provided supervision. If possible, RSVP to Marie at about the ages and number of children you plan to bring so we be prepared. Thanks!

Brief Introductions of New Board members
Overview of Our Mission
Intros/Update/Brief Discussion by the Publicity Committee
Intros/Update/Brief Discussion by the Outreach Committee
Intros/Update/Brief Discussion by the ByLaws Revision Committee
Update/Brief Discussion of the PTO Finances/ Selecting Fundraising Committee
Brief time for General Questions
Assigning Action Plans and next steps

Help spread the word. We understand that meeting mid-summer means many people will be away. But please be assured we will be holding monthly meetings throughout the school year, and presenting many opportunities and ways to be involved in supporting our public schools.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Your new PTO Co-Chairs,

Marie Brown (Center/Pepin Parent)             Rachel Achmad (Maple Parent)