Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 2015

PTO Meeting Minutes

Present at the Meeting: Kasey Corsello, Nicole Kutcher, Tenaya Read, Gina Wyman, Rebecca Belcher-Timme, Kelly Melanson, Kate Zanitta, Amy Linnell, Megan Frazier, Tina Tudryn, Heather LaPenn, Janna Tetrault, Barbara Willett, Tracey Durant, Rachael Barber, Lyndsey Clayton, Amy Gauger, Allison Rebello, Jane Lapointe, Marcia Dushane, Brent Visser, Carey Baldwin, Renee Hill, Julie Jourdain, Carrie Foley

Welcome and Introductions
  • Kasey Corsello welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • All attendees introduced themselves.
  • Kasey introduced our new co-chair, Nicole Kutcher.

Guest Speakers: Joan Schaffer (math coach for elementary schools) and Kim Gilbert (Literacy specialist for elementary schools)
Joan and Kim would like to hold a math and literacy information night to talk about the math and literacy curriculum in the elementary schools.
Joan and Kim would like help from the PTO in several ways:
  • Childcare
  • Board Games
  • Simple Refreshments
  • Publicity for the event (Website, Facebook, flyers, School Reach, etc.)
Two nights:
  • October 13, 6 to 7 pm for 2nd-4th grade parents (@ EHS)
  • November 17, 6 to 7 pm for K and 1st parents (@ EHS)

PTO will help arrange childcare and provide publicity and refreshments for the event. Joan will follow up with Megan Frazier for volunteers.
Committee Reports
Treasurer (Tenaya):
  • made a check for $500 for Judy Averill for the Maple Science Night
  • Our balance in the account is $5458.21
  • Andrew has raised for the $3675.00
  • Containers at Big E’s Supermarket
  • Bake Sale coming up on 9/19
Outreach (Rebecca):
  • Science Night on 9/23 for all schools
  • Big event for Outreach Committee is the Kindergarten Information Night in January-- Rebecca would love for K families to help with that night
  • Goal for the Outreach Committee is having more informal events that are not necessarily for fundraising
Publicity (Tina and Nicole):
  • Tina would like to help someone else do the publicity committee with her.
  • Publicity involves flyers, newsletters, website, Facebook page.
  • Nicole Kutcher, our new co-chair, has made the following updates to the PTO website:
1. online volunteer form for parents is available online
2. a google calendar of upcoming pto meetings and events is also available online
3. website updates included: clean up of the entire site and the above additions
4. meeting minutes will be added to the website

Volunteer Coordination (Megan):
  • Megan has been working on it being easy for parents to volunteer and participate.
  • Turn in your green forms to get alerted to volunteer opportunities.
  • Needs right now: Center/Pepin and Maple garden volunteers (during designated class visits)
  • Support Apple a Day 5K with volunteers
  • Need volunteers for a directory
  • Would like to start to have classroom parents to help teacher
  • Need bakers to donate baked goods and workers to work the bake sale on 9/19 (8:30 am until noon)
Fundraising (Kate)
  • Kate is brand-new to the PTO and new to the fundraising committee-- she plans to do the same events as Rachel did last year.
  • Upcoming: Bake sale and Silver Graphics Art Fundraiser (October)
Community Events (Kelly):
  • This committee would like to host events that build community but don’t necessarily have a fundraising agenda.
Special Projects (Kasey):
  • Carrie Foley: Easthampton Teachers’ Association is sponsoring a “Take the Test Night” for community members and parents to come and take one or more of the high-stakes tests (PARCC and MCAS) that our students are given.
  • You can like “Easthampton Educators’ Association” Facebook page, which has information about the event.

New Business (for October Meeting)
  • Stop and Shop has A+ rewards, and Easthampton has not capitalized on it yet.  (Runs October 9- March 17 each year). Principals should register
Principals will register their schools for Stop and Shop A+ Rewards, and then parents can sign up for the program (designating their child’s school) at Stop and Shop.
Kasey adjourned the meeting.

If people would like to sign up for a committee, they should email the particular committee chair (see below).
Next meeting is October 7th in Room 104 from 6:30 -7:30 pm.

Committee Chairs:
Outreach-- Rebecca Belcher-Timme
Special Projects-- Kasey Corsello
Fundraising-- Kate Zanetta
Volunteer Coordination-- Megan Frazier
Community Events-- Kelly Melanson
Publicity-- Nicole Kutcher and Tina Tudryn