Monday, November 2, 2015

October 2015

PTO Meeting Minutes

Present at the Meeting: Kasey Corsello, Rebecca Belcher-Timme, Nicole Kutcher, Gina Wyman, Amy Linnell, Patti Slate, Tenaya Read, Megan Frazier, Becky Sullivan, Sara Amoroso, Rebecca Starr, Melissa Weinberger, Matt Skowron, Amy Scowron, Jane Hunter, Kate Zanetta, Lyndsey Clayton, Alyssa Pratt, Heather LaPenn, Jane LaPointe, Marcia Dushane, Judy Averill, Allison Rebello, Angelique Baker, Julia Jourdain, Seth Koen, Jason Miranda, Chris Cleland

Welcome and Introductions
Nicole welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Food Play:
We hope to get a $1400 grant from Easthampton Savings Bank for the Food Play event. Tenaya will submit the grant to ESB.
Event will be on Thursday, November 19 at 6:00 pm in Pepin’s auditorium.

Donation of apples for the event?


Tenaya will talk to Rachel and book the date and talk to ESB about the date.

Megan will put out a call for volunteers.

Kasey will be the point person for the Food Play event.

Curriculum Night
Kim Gilbert (literacy specialist) and Joan Schaffer (math specialist) will host two curriculum nights with help (child care and refreshments) from the PTO.

October 13 at EHS for 2nd-4th grade parents.

November 17 for K and 1st grade parents.

We need volunteers to bring refreshments. PTO is also setting up the child care for the evening.
Megan has volunteers bringing snack.

Tiny Tots will do the childcare for both curriculum nights.
Committee Reports
Treasurer (Tenaya):
  • 5K account balance is $4225.00
  • Bake sale made $355.26
  • Change from Big E’s during the month of September was $267.32
  • Balance on our PTO account is now $6,061.29
  • ESB this month has PTO info in their display.
Outreach (Rebecca):
  • K info night will be February 2nd (with a snow date of February 4th) at EHS.
  • Looking for volunteers to speak about the K experience. Current K families (or very recent K families) would be great.
  • Looking for volunteers to staff the evening-- greeters, speakers, help with mailings, flyer designed, etc.
Publicity (Tina and Nicole):
  • Nicole created a portion of the website to hold PTO meeting minutes.
  • First newsletter went home a few weeks ago. Your suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Nicole is working to develop a fundraising page on the website.
Volunteer Coordination (Megan):
  • Sat down with Laura Scott to talk about Maple Volunteer Coordination.
  • Center/Pepin has 200 people on their volunteer list. Maple has about 100.
  • Recent accomplishments: Garden volunteers, bake sale bakers, refreshments for curriculum night.
  • Megan would like to give PTO Board members access to the volunteer email lists so that they can help with volunteer coordination.
Laura and Nicole staffed the PTO table at the Maple Open House and got volunteers for the spring Scholastic book fair in April.

Fundraising (Kate)
  • Just finished the artwork for the Silver Graphics fundraiser. Orders will come to us on October 16 and are due on October 26. Online ordering continues until October 28.
  • Pancake breakfast is our winter fundraiser.

Special Projects (Kasey):
  • Cultural Festival-- looking for volunteers to be on the Cultural Festival Committee
  • Last year, Kasey wrote and received a STARS grant which brought in a guest artist, but Nadine Pomakis (art teacher in the elementary schools) would like to skip that this year. Gaby Bustamante (Center/Pepin parent) and Kasey Corsello applied for a grant to have a world dance class for all three schools fully funded by the STARS grant. Thursdays after school. More info once they find out if they received the grant.

Approval of September 2015 Minutes
Email corrections to the minutes to PTO Secretary, Gina Wyman, at
September 2015 minutes approved.
New Business (for November Meeting)
  • Consider getting email addresses for PTO Board Members (such as
  • Snow Time Bazaar-- will the PTO host this year?

Nicole adjourned the meeting.

Committee Chairs:
Outreach-- Rebecca Belcher-Timme (
Special Projects-- Kasey Corsello (
Fundraising-- Kate Zanetta (
Volunteer Coordination-- Megan Frazier (
Community Events-- Kelly Melanson (
Publicity-- Nicole Kutcher ( and Tina Tudryn (