Thursday, January 21, 2016


PTO Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Introductions
Nicole Kutcher opened the meeting and welcomed everyone

Approval of November 2015
Email corrections to the minutes to PTO Secretary:

Committee Reports
There is currently $11,862.91 in the main account(before we pay Silver graphics) and:$8,520.91 in the 5K account.

January meeting can be used for stuffing envelopes with Kindergarten Information NIght flyers and putting address labels on envelopes..
Need volunteers for greeting and ushering kids to child care.  Megan will put the word out.
Andrea McCallum will recruit some Center/Pepin 4th graders to speak.
Missi Richardson is arranging child care.
Tina has communicated with Miguel about working on the flyer.

Nothing to report.

Pancake breakfast is happening in February or March.
Need to find out if the new Silver Spoon owner will donate ingredients as Jeff did last year..
We need a Serve Safe certified person in the kitchen for this event (last year it was Mary Barr).

Customer’s Choice Community Grants from Florence Savings Bank:
Copy team needs to make copies of completed ballots to send out to parents.  The deadline is December 31st so this needs to be done ASAP.  In the past this money was divided between the 3 schools and went to the Student Activities Fund.

Volunteer Coordination:
Megan put out the word for volunteers to make PTO copies and has a list of 8 Center/Pepin parents who are available.  Megan will follow up with Laura to find out  if she has contacted Maple parents.  In the mean time C/P parents can make copies for Maple as well.

Copy Team information will be available via a Google doc compiled by Tina.

In the past PTO copies have been run off in the Central Office.

Riverside volunteers have had CORI checks and will begin training to do book-leveling after vacation.  

Judy Averill has requested help with book leveling sooner than Riverside volunteers will be available.

Special Projects:
Kasey is starting to plan the cultural festival.  

Dance classes have started at Center/Pepin.  The kinks are being worked out.

Rebecca will get flyers, envelopes and address labels for the meeting.

Megan is contacting volunteers about getting the ballots copied and distributed very soon.

Kasey will contact Sue Colby to find out if this it’s okay for us to use the Central Office for PTO copies and  if we can keep PTO paper there for volunteer use.

Megan will e-mail volunteer list to look for book-leveling volunteers for Maple.

Megan will send out an email to recruit volunteers.
Gingerbread Night:
Tina has organized Gingerbread Night  for this Wednesday.
Over 100 kids have RSVPed already and more RSVPs are still coming in.  
There are plenty of volunteers for this event.  
More candy decorations are needed.  
Champions teachers are helping with set up and staying for the event.
One parent will make coffee.
There are two peanut free tables that need special care.
Big Y gave the icing at cost.

Megan will put out the word to get more decorating supplies.
Funds for Teachers
To benefit the largest number of students, money can be donated to the student activities fund.  This would give teachers easier access to funds as needed for materials and supplies. Distribution would be at the discretion of the principal.  

We could set a goal to donate $500-1000 per school (about $50-$100 per classroom)

Gift bags or gift cards for new teachers should still happen regardless as a welcome gesture.

Maple School Donation Request:
Judy Averill would like donations of or funds for indoor recess supplies such as Legos, chalk and hula hoops.

The Center School Council successfully organized donations for indoor recess.
Rebecca will talk to the Maple School Council about asking families to donate indoor recess supplies.
New Business (for January Meeting)
  • Valentine Making NIght (Maybe Maple can host?)
Discuss at January meeting
Nicole Kutcher adjourned the meeting